What happens when I am notified of a match?

You will receive an email that you have been matched with a prospective client seeking your expertise. This is now your opportunity to engage with the prospect and earn their business! Two other professionals in your same field will have also been matched, to provide the consumer with choice and further opportunity to communicate.  At this point, you or the consumer may reach out to one another to start the conversation. Our advice: Reach out via the Vexxit private messaging system and introduce yourself right away. Keep it casual and conversational to start. The more responsive and interactive you are - and the more value you provide - the more likely you are to earn the business. ‎The machine learning initiates the match, but it's the human to human interaction and compatibility that most often earns the business. We help you get to that point quicker.  After the matches have been made, the consumer decides when to take the relationship offline and move forward in working with a selected professional. Then it’s business as usual 
If you still have questions or you require further assistance, please contact support@vexxit.com

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