What are some things I should ask the professionals before making my choice?

Sometimes it can be hard to ask the right questions.  Here are some examples of questions that you can ask, to ensure that you are making the right choice when choosing your professional:

  • What makes your client experience unique?
  • Will I be working only with you? or with your team?
  • Who is your typical client?
  • Other than your specific designation, what other courses have you taken that could be beneficial to my situation?
  • Do you have any written testimonials from clients?
  • What can I expect in our first meeting?
  • Why did you choose this field of work? - I.e., what got you into the business?
  •  Would our relationship be long-term or just cover this immediate need, and how would that work?
  • What can I expect in terms of fees, both immediately and ongoing? 
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