Great examples of a profile Bio

I am a {{type of professional}} who has been practicing in the areas of _____ and _____ for ______ years.  I got into the business because________.  My typical clients are _________ (for example, business owners, individuals or large enterprises), who value _______ and understand that in working with me, they can _________ (what security, end goal, or value do you bring).  Ultimately, I’d like to understand _______ from you and see how I can help.

For example:

I’m an investment advisor who has been practicing in the areas of portfolio management and estate planning for 10+ years.  I got into the business because I saw my own family transition a business without much planning, and knew there had to be better options.  My typical clients are business owners and incorporated professionals who understand that building wealth goes well beyond how much you make in the market.  It is why I include comprehensive insurance and estate planning in my practice.  Ultimately, my goal is to understand what’s important to you and align it with your long-term planning.

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